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seized a tank of crude oil from saudi riot -- saudi arabia to the united states. the 28 person crew was off the coast of somalia at the time. we have told you about several hijackings before but this is the second time only that pirates have hijacked an oil tanker. it is not clear how much oil was on board the ship, but it could be worth millions and more importantly it could wreck environmental havoc if the pirates dump it. host: also today, -- bill: also today, we are waiting on news from the white house to help struggling homeowners. this is truly startling news. the government is set to use a shame game to step up pressure on mortgage companies because they are not doing enough to keep homeowners in their homes. the way that i understand it, the new program would be aimed at lenders? >> the banks are going to be publicly blamed. they have taken this bailout money but they are not bailing out homeowners. they are going to appoint officials to oversee the operations of these lenders on a day-to-day basis. plus they will demand a plan from the lenders to speed up help for homeowner
thanksgiving to all of the great people back in the united states. jamie: and dominic, my best to you. you cannot miss the horse behind you. please tell general odierno that he has spent more time with his military family than his own, honestly. my best to the odierno family as well. thank you. kelly: in virginia couple pulling off the impossible, crashing the white house state dinner, even getting up close and personal with the vice- president and other party guests. more on the security breach and how they got past checkpoints. . >> we are here at camp victory in iraq. i want to give a shout out to my family and the squadron air force base in new jersey. . . . [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute kelljamie: an unbelievable stor, but it is true. a security breach at the white house. the secret service investigating its very own security procedures after a virginia couple crashed tuesday night's state dinner. this is evidence from michaele salahi's own facebook page. no one seeming to suspect that they did not belo
're going to spew their hatred for the united states. they are going to mock the families. they're going to mock the victims. it is totally unnecessary. we do not need to see this. somebody needs to put on show here. i do not understand why we are doing this. juliet: you do have a website, an organization. why do you think the reason is? >> it is a campaign promise of obama. it is misguided. juliet: what do you think the motivation is for him? >> i will just say this. a video of support for this position showed up two days ago out of the aclu. apparently they knew this was coming. they put a couple of family members on to be on their side of it. we have over 5000 people who have signed up with us in just 36 hours. this is just beginning. we need people to sign up with us. we need people to go to the, or keep america safe. sign up with us and help us fight the obama administration. juliet: bill has asked this question. is it possible that they could get a fair trial, a trial that is not unfair to the u.s. people, to the family members? >> even if they do, which i do not think
of the detainees who are drank russ and remain dangerous to the united states but can't be tried, that has slowed down the process, and for the first time, acknowledged that he is going to miss the deadline that, privately, white house aides have been suggesting for about a month or so would be missed but in that respect, the president said he told the country guantanomo will remain open, and by unable to say when it will be closed it could be open for most of 2010, which would be to a certain degree undercut what the president thought he would gain by closing guantanomo, which is a better reputation for the united states dealing with human rights. alyson: major, in a few moments we will go back to eric holder speaking about khalid sheik mohammed. did you have a chance to speak to the president about that trial specifically? alisyn: not directly, but the president said something interesting in the course of explaining what will happen to the detainees still at guantanomo. he said some will come to the united states and some will be convicted, which is something that is a bill odd for someone who
. the president essentially said that the united states welcomes china playing a greater role on the international stage in terms the global economy. with that comes greater responsibilities. here is how essentially the president broke down the relationship between the u.s. and china. >> we meet here at a time when the relationship between the united states and china has never been more important to our collective future. >> never more important. so president hu said that the u.s. and china would work more closely on macroeconomic issues. financial policies and that sort of thing. which obviously is of interest to the united states. we will see how that all plays out. alisyn. alisyn: mike, what about iran? did that issue come up? any progress there. >> it did come up. and president obama was pretty firm in saying that if iran continued to thumb its nose at the world community in terms of its nuclear weapons programs, that there would be consequences but president hu was noncommittal about that. and that has to be troubling to the united states. president hu obviously has incredible influence over
it back to the cheaper united states dollar, your profits go up. bill: thank you. alisyn: if you thought fiery health-care town halls were a thing of the past, think again. a democratic congressman coming face-to-face with a group of constituents that have been challenging his support for the health-care issue. >> i am so disappointed that the majority of the people in this country do not want this bill. they are forcing it down our throats. >> i am very disappointed by the representatives were ignoring the voices of their constituents who need and desperately want health care. >> the issue of healthcare and changing our health-care system is very personal and very emotional. >> the federal government can tweak the system, but not mandate the system. >> there adding so much that to my generation and generations to come, and infringing on all of our rights. alisyn: the congressman held a town hall meeting last week. we do not have sound from got one, but we are told it was similar. bill: as we look at possibly spending more on health care, congress is getting ready to increase the nation'
that the united states army would be concerned about the sensitivity of one major at the peril of the 13 who have lost their lives. i think what we're going to find out and we really do have to wait until this investigation is done that we probably had a serious failure here of intelligence communities communicating with the united states army in the way that they should. now, i'm not suggesting that this individual didn't harbor some very serious problems mentally. i'm not suggesting even that the people who are in that room that, you know, you just spoke of. remember, they did report this. these weren't people who sat passively by. they did report it, but we do have a constitution and keep in mind this is an american-born citizen and you heard the f.b.i. report before we came on. our concern was not to violate his constitutional rights. bill: catherine herridge reported, "we would have been crucified because the male suggested he was looking for spiritual, religious guidance." >> and the constitutional right. remember, that's a key part of what was -- that was a key part of that report. bill: t
. unemployment in the united states for october broke double digits, now at 10.2%. that is a huge number and it is bigger than any economists were expecting. more on both of these developments in a few minutes, but first we are going to go back to bill and to our top story. the tragedy at fort hood, texas. bill: we were given a brutal description of the 30 minutes of chaos and terror on the base behind me. all cubans there was confusion followed by a lockdown have lasted for seven hours. now people are trying to put this together. he had twoรง weapons, one hand gun, one semiotic weapon, and was allowed to fire for quite some time before he was taken down by bullets from a female police officer. that officer is currently being treated for her wounds. i want to bring in one person who was on the base yesterday. you were working at the hospital? >> no, i went to give my son a physical. they closed the doors on me and i knew something much going on. i did not know what was happening at that time. i asked the soldiers there and they said that there was a shooting going on. bill: what was the
the desire to win and the strategy that the united states will lead to have to win this war. we have been there nine years already. there's some talk that we could be there for another decade. having said that, what is the idea or the strategy for winning this war? >> it depends on how you measure the long-term strategic victory. when the civil society of afghanistan, the young people, when these guys move against the taliban and al-qaeda in their cities and become the teachers in the classroom, this is when we will win. to do so, we need to make sure that the taliban will not come back. kelly: you talk about the surge on the one hand. that would be the reason for the president to add more troops on the ground. in doing that, how would those increase the numbers of troops help plan the strategy? >> according to the proposal of general mcchrystal and other nato officials, what is needed now is enough forces to make sure that the southern part of the country is secure. another group of special forces to push against the taliban on to the borders. the problem is really coming from the border
in the military you can go through the supreme court of the united states. these people on death rolw are still waiting to be executed. will he ever received the ultimate punishment, or would be any time soon? that is a guessing game. bill: you are suggesting that there is a long way to go and that it is possible that it never goes to trial. >> because no one can go to trial, no matter how heinous the trial, if they are not competent for sane, that is true in the military or the civilian world. he has to be at -- evaluated by army psychiatrists. if this turns out to be terrorism, you have an issue of concurrent jurisdiction with the form of justice. he could go to trial, he could be convicted, and then at that point if it is determined that he has violated the law anti- terrorism statute, the department of justice can prosecute him in civilian and federal court. bill: this is a long way down the road, you are making great points. we will see were the investigation takes us. back to the economy, juliet has that. juliet: unemployment has hit a 26 year high. what about the stimulus? it was suppose
in combat roles. what does that mean to the military in the united states? we have a live report coming up in three minutes. bill: michael bloomberg, the mayor of new york city, keeps spending money like he has it, which he does. and it is not pocket change. the billionaire is spending $35,000 per hour. his reelection campaign has quickly become the most expensive self-financed in political history. he is worth about $17 billion, leading against the challenger by 15 points. martha: $35,000 per hour? chump change. bill: how about that. martha: the military, training women for combat in one of the toughest environment in the world -- columbia and the jungles of the amazon forest. the goal is to one they produce female generals into that country. steve is streaming live. are these the first women in the colombian army to be in combat positions? >> these are the very first in colombia, something very new. they are going to live combat training in the jungle, with body armor, doing live exercises. this culture had almost no women if you years ago, and they are having a rough going right now. ma
, the alliance between the united states and germany has been in extraordinary pillar of the transatlantic relationship. we're now moving toward the 2010 versith anniversary of the berln wall coming down and germany being reunified. as someone who grew up in east germany. germany has become the centerpiece for extraordinarily strong european union. i think about all these things converge, and we are very pleased that she's going to be here to spread her view of what is taking place in the world and what challenges we face. it has been a strong ally, germany, on a host of issues. we appreciate the sacrifice of soldiers in afghanistan and, and work there to bring peace and stability to afghanistan and create an environment in which the people themselves can provide for their own security. chancellor merkel has been an extraordinary leader on the issue of climate change, and the united states, germany, and countries around the world are all beginning to recognize why it is so important that we work in common in order to stem the potential catastrophe that could result if we continue to see gl
and medicare cuts. they're watching a long, slow decline of the united states currency because of big deficits and big spending. we got into this as a way of covering the uninsured and a low rate health care cost. where we are now is we're going to cover some of the uninsured, but we're going to add to health-care costs. it was and always has been about money. patti ann: what do you see as the main differences between the house version and the senate version? >> the senate version has a tax on the so-called cadillac plans. that is very generous and expensive plans. many of which are owned and received by union members. that is very unpopular. that is one difference between the house and the senate. there are many. at the moment, the max baucus plan does not have the public option. we are going to go round and round on this. i have to tell you. it keeps coming back to money. how much is this going to cost? who will benefit? who pays? there are not satisfactory answers up front right now. patti ann: you mentioned above public option. if the senate has it with an opt out, does that make it more p
to explosives and rocket-propelled grenades. how the bad guys can cripple the united states without setting foot on american soil soil. we have that story. alisyn: and more americans are drinking their cares away. the recession is causing a surge in alcohol sales, especially wine. california's napa sally must be booming, right? wrong. e alisyn: the f.b.i. and justice department are warning the f.b.i. boo cyber attacks, saying people with links to al qaeda are looking for weaknesses in u.s. infrastructure, meaning deadly threats to power grids and transportation systems. the same officials say there is no evidence they have developed cyber attack capabilities but former homeland security director michael chertoff says it is only a matter of time. current laws maw must be adapted to allow the government to fend off such attacks. boip it seems more and more people are drinking up in tough economic times. their choice is wine. americans are buying more vino than ever before but sales are down. how do you figure that? the math doesn't add up. live from napa valley with what w
not even the congress of the united states. and then they were sworn to secrecy. we had no communications. i think this is something that we need to do in the open. we should not be afraid of it. i'm a strong advocate of defending our civil rights, in defending privacy. in a strong advocate in defending the country. i think we all are. we approach it perhaps differ only. i think that this warrants us look into this differently. what did we do about it? did we sit down and talk to folks? juliet: it seems from some of the reports -- one supervisors says we thought he was psychotic, and we were afraid to say anything because he was a muslim. that is frightening to me. >> it is. it is just the opposite. i have defended stopping painting with a wide brush the muslim community. if there is a muslim who was violating or conspiring, then we should call it the way it is. this is not in any way to help the country. it does not help the majority of muslims who are patriotic americans. juliet: based on what you have heard from these preliminary facts, a lot of people are shocked and even outraged tha
have an abnormal test, i can decide how to proceed. we have an epidemic in the united states. h-p become a venereal warts. -- h p v, a venereal warts. if gynaecologist are doing too many invasive tests, that is the problem that should be addressed, not getting rid of the screen test. do not throw the baby out with the bath water here. alisyn: it sounds like the doctor is saying that more women will die as a result of these guidelines. does that worry you? >> no, that is not it at all. 80% of cervical cancers are in developing cancers, not the u.s.. it is women who do not get a pack in five years or have never had one. most will clear hpv and elle-- n their own. >> women are not going to come in at all, and they are not going to start -- >> they need a public, they need a gonorrhea, chlamydia screening. >> the art of medicine is deciding what is necessary. alisyn: does this mean that if you choose to get a pap smear every year, your insurance will not pay for it anymore? >> the group's guidelines tends to dictate more, and they have been more aggressive in their policy, but the l
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